Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tracts or no tracts?

This was an interesting comment I got from "Gshermet777" a while ago. Thought I would post his/her? comment about tracts and then respond.

Gshermet777 wrote:
"Jesus and the Apostles didn't hand out little pieces of paper. This is bait and switch. Deceptive and cowardly. I saw a guy in Venice beach this weekend mocking a street preacher in public handing these out. There was a world of differance between the two. People were either praising or cursing the preacher. Seems that's what should be happening. Either making enemies or friends."

The reason I'm posting this comment is because I believe may Christians have this attitude towards the use of tracts. Now, if Gshermet777 is a heathen I would understand his distain for tracts. He might have been walking around at Venice enjoying the stupor of worldliness then a caring Christian hands him possibly a "Million Dollar Bill" tract. Gshermet777 with the consumer mindset "Ooo, money!" takes the tact then to his horror he reads the law of God and is instantly furious. This is understandable from an unbeliever being confronted by their sin. So if Gshermet777 is an unbeliever this is the expected response.

However, what would concern me is someone who thinks they are a Christian being upset by people using Gospel tracts... that would send up a serious red flag to me that they may need to "examine themselves to see if they are in the faith." Its one thing not to PREFER the use tracts its another thing to OPPOSE the use of tracts.

My first question would be; can a person be saved by reading the bible? Yes. Then could they be saved reading bible verses? Yes. That is what a tract is doing, sharing the written Gospel which is "the power of God unto salvation."

One thought I had in response to "Jesus and the Apostles didn't hand out little pieces of paper" was that Jesus and the Apostles didn't have access to a printing press. But if they did do you think that Apostle Paul would have said, "WHOA what do you think your doing printing the gospel on little pieces of paper and handing them out... someone may read them and get SAVED! How dare you!?" Probably not.

"This is bait and switch. Deceptive and cowardly." This is something a heckler would yell out as they run away from the preaching of the gospel. Cowardly, really? I respect people who are willing to put themselves onto the "broad road" and hand out tracts to the lost who are on their way to destruction, have them ripped up, sometimes thrown back at them and keep hoping that, Lord willing, the door will be opened up to a conversation to share the gospel. I would be curious to see how often Gshermet777 witnesses and how he does it, if he is a Christian.

Here was a top 10 list of reasons to use tracts I swiped this from "The Reformed Evangelist":
1. They are a very economical form of evangelism 2. They work while we sleep 3. They have the ability to get into a house and stay there 4. They are never afraid or show cowardice 5. They are never tempted to compromise their message 6. They never get tired, discouraged or give up 7. They stick to what they have to say and never argue 8. They can present the message when we don’t have the time 9. They can go to places where we cannot 10.They get people in the mood – they only speak when they are read

One other thing to note C.H Spurgeon wrote and distributed gospel tracts. He said:
"When preaching and private talk are not available, you need to have a tract ready . . . Get good striking tracts, or none at all. But a touching gospel tract may be the seed of eternal life. Therefore, do not go out without your tracts."

So who should I take advice on this matter from Spurgeon or Gshermet777? Hmmmm let me think... I'm going to go with Spurgeon. As far as making friends or enemies, well Jesus said to "love your enemies." I can't think of something more loving than giving them the good news.


  1. Here here, and well said. A gospel tract is the power of God unto salvation. It doesn't matter how they hear as long as they hear.

  2. Good response. You saved me the trouble! lol.