Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 7-10-10

GLORY TO GOD!! What a great night! Lately Burbank Media Center has been a really exciting place to go witnessing. But this night it was AMAZING. All I have to say is DEAN was "the man"! The Lord drew to him THE biggest crowd I have ever seen at Burbank yet. Mike had set up the heckler mic and we had even prayed for a big crowd and good heckler... the Lord answered. Dean had started with a little trivia for $ but it wasn't until he got the guy in the blue shirt asking him questions before you knew it there must have been about 40 people listening. It was great. Dean handled himself and the heckler well, had good answers and a humble spirit. God is good!

Also please pray for Fatia, who I'm talking to in the picture. She was very receptive to the gospel and you could see "lights going on." She took a bible and thanked me.

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