Friday, October 1, 2010

Magnet Evangelism Follow-up 9-30-10

All I have to say is: Mike wins hands down... "THE HECKLER HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION BELT!"

Last night I joined the Thursday night Magnet Evangelism hosted by our own Mike S. and Dean. WOW! I have never to date seen that many people heckle one preacher. One after another after another people came up to the mic to ask questions or just shouted out opposition to the preaching of the gospel. Mike held his ground and tried his best to compel people to trust Jesus for salvation. He handled things way more compassionately and patiently then I would have.

It must have went on for about an hour SOLID. Very intense! At some moments, there were hecklers heckling hecklers. (Try to say that three times fast!) I have video of some of it but don't have the time to "bleep" out all the profanity. The world needs Christ desperately!

Please pray for Ivan, Matt, the Atheist guy in the black hat and everyone else who heckled Mike!

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