Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hollywood Follow-Up 4-21-12

 Its been quite a while since we've been to Hollywood and it was lively to say the least! 

 Dean did some trivia to try and draw a crowd. 

 There were lots of tracts that went out and about 30 bibles as well.

 Steve suggested trying a new technique of using a "mobile heckler mic" which seems to work well. It may be that it draws attention having a guy standing there holding a mic. Also this way there are no issues with someone tripping over any cords etc.

Here is probably one of the worst hecklers I've had yet. This picture sums it up.

This guy came up asking for a KJV bible and rejected our NKJV of the bible, claiming that its satanic. I confronted him on his "KJV onlyism" which turned into him cursing me out. When confronted on the condition of his heart and that he was obviously drunk I let him know that "no drunkard will inherit the kingdom of God and that he needed a NEW HEART." This sparked more anger and his primary goal became to silence me. My response was to stand on the box and preach... which made him MORE mad. He then proceeded to push me off the box several times (to say it was difficult to restrain myself would be an understatment) it didn't disuade me from continuing to proclaim the gospel and confront him on his sin. I'll admit I probably didn't say or handle everything perfectly but I was glad that it didn't get worse by God's GRACE!

Interestingly enough he later came up to Dean and admitted that he knows he has a drinking problem and that if he died today he would probably go to hell. Also that he knew for sure he didn't like me either! Something I've learned is that proclaiming Christ and advancing His Kingdom are more important than men's feelings.

"It is not our business to make the message acceptable, but to make it available. We are not to see that they like it, but that they get it." Dr. Vance Havner

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