Sunday, July 8, 2012

Burbank Follow-Up 7-7-12

 Thanks to "Spiderman" opening and it being 4th of July weekend it was packed! Possibly one of the best nights we have had in Burbank! The Lord answered prayers to send good hecklers last night above what we could have asked or thought! For over two and a half hours SOLID we we relentlessly questioned!!

 Steve was up first with many thoughtful questions from Wally who was raised Christian but did not believe in the Lord or the bible.

 Then Cemo asked if there was a final judgment. He didn't believe "his god" would judge anyone and sadly thought he was a Christian.

 I knew Jason was going to be a good heckler when he rode up and said, "Oh look... crazy people." He was a watered down Atheist and admitted he just didn't know. Steve preached for almost an hour solid.

 Then it was my turn to talk with Jason. As the night went on the crowds got progressively bigger. 

We were blessed to "confront the culture" on many hot button issues like abortion, slavery, homosexuality even capitol punishment. It was hard not to get heated and stay on point with the gospel. I'm often encouraged by something a fellow evangelist in Colorado said "God can use our mess ups, but He can't use our silence." All you can do it try your best and pray the Lord uses what was said to work in peoples hearts!

 Finally Elder Bob who is one of our Elders at CBC walked into the "buzzsaw" of questions. John was at the heckler mic several times to ask about OT slavery. 

Even after we got off the box several people would come up and want to continue conversations with us. The Lord was faithful to draw people to hear the TRUTH! Many bibles and tracts went out. Thank you for all you dear saints who GO out FAIL and GO again!! Christ is WORTHY of it!!

"I'd rather have a fool on fire then a theologin on ice." Leonard Ravenhill

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