Monday, September 3, 2012

Burbank Media Center Follow-Up 9-1-12

 The Lord has been faithful to raise up laborers. Ben, Ruth, Sharon, Mark, Dean, Sai Steve and myself went to seek the lost on Saturday night at Burbank Media Center.

 We've been staying at Burbank Media Center the past two months and it seems the more I go there the more I like it. The Lord has been giving us wonderful opportunities to share the good news. Here Steve preaches the Gospel which even a child can understand.

 Ruth sharing the good news and handing out tracts.

 I've really been liking to "Whitfield" it. I'm convinced that when you use no microphone your voice has a sense of urgency to it thus draws attention to the message.

 We were visited by our local regular heckler "Roger the Nemesis." A title which he gave himself. Its interesting to see how the Lord has brought Roger into our lives. He has heckled us on several occasions since I've started this ministry about 4 years ago. Sadly Roger foolishly rejects the Jesus Christ of the bible an refuses to submit to the truth that He is the ONLY WAY to heaven.

The great thing about Roger is he usually helps draw a big crowd!
He said that we should be paying him. ;)

 Amanda came up to the mic when I asked if anyone believed in evolution. 

 The crowd really started to get pretty big for Burbank at this point. 

 Anyone who deals with hecklers for an extended period of time knows that your brain starts to shut down. When Amanda believed that HITLER didn't deserve the death penalty even though he murdered 10 MILLION people... this began to defy logic to me. She acually believed that he could be "rehabilitated." How many people sacrifice justice in the name of tolerance and then pride themselves for it.

The Lord wants a society to uphold law because it's a reflection of His nature. When we pervert law & justice we distort societies view of God. We then send the message to criminals "you can steal and not pay back what you owe or murder people and live." Its no coincidence that Amanda created a God in her mind that does NOT punish sin.

Dean got up just in the nick of time and kept the Gospel burning bright till the end! About 30 bibles went out along with many tracts. We had conversations with people until the end and finished the night with a little pizza and fellowship.

WHAT I LEARNED: Many of the objections to Christianity come from people who have a wrong view of God and a wrong view of themselves.

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