Monday, November 19, 2012

Preachin' In The Rain 11/17/2012

David led the team of Deans 1 & 2,  Mark (recovering, by God's mercy, after his heart procedure), Jack (the new guy, arrived later), and Old Steve.

 It was a great night for movie references as the teen cult vampire film "Breaking Dawn" opened at the Burbank Media Center Mall. Many who are new to the area heard the Gospel being proclaimed for the first time.  Some were so offended by the Good News that they couldn't resist shouting at the Brother on the Box. One man could hardly contain his umbrage as he returned many times to confront the preacher. Sometimes people react with intense hostility to a presentation of the Law.

 Two women stopped to condemn David for being "judgmental." His response, "I am only sharing what the Bible says. Are you not judging me?"

Later, a woman named Nikki, who professed to having led many to Christ, was angry with David for preaching "doom and gloom," (i.e. the Law), and not the "goodness of God."
"How many salvations have you had?" she said. Nikki is not the first to challange us with this question. However, since God is sovereign in salvation, then perhaps a better question might be, "Are you being faithful to preach the word delivered once for all to the saints?" Nikki's question implied that it is the anger of preachers, not the pridefulness of men, that keeps them out of heaven. Yet the Apostle Paul said that the Law is the schoolmaster that leads us to a knowledge of sin, and thus to salvation.

We do see fruit in the form of many Bibles received, and countless opportunities, both on the box and one-to-one, to sow the seed of the gospel, knowing that His word does not return void.

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