Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Is Risen! 3/30/2013

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is risen, indeed! Cause for celebration!

In a celebratory mood, the team seems to grow in number week by week. Sharon, Dean S., Jack, David, Steve M., Mark, and Debbie, were also joined by Elder Bob, Dean C., Sai, Paul, Nathan and Steven V. God answers prayer!

In a bold move, calculated by the Holy Spirit to confound the enemy of our souls, a second team was formed to do street-corner proclamation in the "alcove." This back-to-basics, unamplified, team of Whitefielders exhorted passersby to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

Dean S. holds the last two Bibles as Paul proclaims the glorious resurrection gospel. Dave (not pictured) was making a run to the supply box for MORE BIBLES, as they were being snatched up like the Church will be (soon!).

A roving team of ambassadors, seen here, covered the territory between the two outposts.

In a technological first for this team, Dave proclaimed the most recent Spurgeon blogpost reading it from his iPhone.

Reminder:  CBC Evangelism team will officially begin FRIDAY NIGHT outreach, next week!

MARANATHA! He is risen!

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