Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Key to Strength is Vision

"The proof of vision is strength. You tell me these are dark days and so they are, but let us look not only at the things seen but also at the things unseen. See the unseen. The secret of strength is vision but the poof of vision is strength! If men declare that they see these things and believe these things and still do nothing I cannot believe what they declare. Their sight is borrowed sight they are looking at a picture and not at the living fact. But the man who sees the unseen is the man who grips the seen and masters it. The man who is conscious through all the appalling defeat if the hour of the immediate pervasive presence and power of God is the man who gets hold of the peace of desolation nearest to him and wrestles with it until it blossoms like a rose.

The demonstration of vision is the strength which men take hold of the difficulty of the present hour."

- G. Campbell Morgan

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