Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to the Box 8/3/2013

It was unseasonably cool in beautiful downtown Burbank. This evening's core group of evangelists included Dr. Jack, Jeremy, Dean C., Sai, Paul, Dean S., and Steve.

Paul has been doing a great job of presenting the Law and the Gospel. Just when you might think that no one is noticing, you can spot several who have sat down within earshot and are intently listening.

"That is the good news of the Bible. There is hope! There is hope today. Because Jesus Christ is able to forgive you of your sins and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness. There is hope if you have committed sin after sin and you are reaping the consequences. The Bible says that whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. If you sow a life of sin, guess what? You are not going to lead a good life with that. You are going to reap a life of hardness and sorrow and misery. But God is willing to forgive that sin, but there is a time limit. The Bible says, 'Seek the Lord while He may be found.' He is willing. But the question is, are you willing to turn away from your sin and bow the knee to Jesus Christ?"

This man was off to the side, but was clearly hanging on every word.

Dr. Jack, a Chiropractor with a busy practice, has been indispensable to the team as a "heart specialist" who boldly, yet humbly, shares the gospel with everyone he meets.

Our newest regular is Jeremy. Here he graciously endures the most common form of rejection that we face: a distracted, and vaguely abrupt, "No thanks." Handing out tracts is the ideal way to get started and gain confidence as you gradually realize that it is the Holy Spirit who is doing the hard work of softening, or hardening, hearts. We just show up, smile, and hold out the tract. It's curious, though, how bothered some people are at the prospect of being offered a simple gospel tract to take home. The conscience is a troublesome thing.

Dean C. is the reigning professor of our team, having proclaimed the Gospel faithfully, and eloquently for more years than history records. (;-)

"If you remember nothing else from tonight please remember this: You can do nothing on your own to repair the broken relationship you have with the God that is giving you your life and your breath. We are hopeless, we are helpless, we are lost, every single one of us. And perhaps you are saying: 'Well I'm not as bad as those people over there.' Well, to do that is kind of like the person on death row comparing himself with the person two cells down. It doesn't matter. We are all on death row. And you and I, whether we realize it or not, have offended a holy and righteous God. But this God is a loving, merciful, forgiving God. And He proved that by sending His only Son Jesus Christ down to this earth to live the life that you and I could never live. If you and I could get to heaven by trying to be a good person can you imagine how tragic that could become? You're standing there before God and you think you've got enough points to get into heaven by your own good works, and you miss it by one point? That would be horrifying! God says that none of us can get to heaven by our own effort. That's why we need a savior!"

Our other Dean (S.) is already seasoned, although he is still rather new to street ministry (aren't we all!). His individual efforts extend far beyond the CBC team, including one-to-one witnessing at shopping malls, Walmart, and many other public places. Dean shared with the team hundreds of business card tracts promoting the new video by Ray Comfort, called "Evolution vs. God". The official YouTube premier of this film will take place later this week. We'll be sure to post it as soon as it becomes available.

Dr. Jack has rapidly taken to the box, and his preaching has gained focus and authority. In the background you can see Nathan and Justin from CBC, who dropped by to visit.

Although the present time is quiet, and the Gospel is shared openly, there are many signs that we are in a calm before a great storm. Either there will be persecution ahead, or the Lord will return. Either way, we must be about the unfinished work of the Savior. Pastor Kempiz Hernandez gave a rousing sermon exhorting us to continue what Christ began. Entitled: "The Exalted Christ Commissions His Church," dated 8/4/2013, it can be downloaded directly from the CBC Website.

Help Wanted

In addition to one-to-one witnessing and preaching from the box, there are several ways that you can join with us in serving the Lord. The CBC Evangelism team could use help in the following areas:
-Prayer warriors
-Passing out tracts
-Listeners to stand nearby and pay attention to the preacher. This can draw others to stop and listen.
-Video/Still camerapersons.
-Handing out water bottles when the weather is hot.
-Special events, community tables.
-There are always ways you can participate, as often as you like.
Please call, text or email Steve at (626) 319-6714, ephesianstwo8910@gmail.com.


See you there!

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