Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holidays Fast Approaching 11/23/2013

With Thanksgiving arriving Thursday, Hanukah on Wednesday, and Christmas not far off, the Mall area was busier than usual. Our faithful team of evangelists was kept very busy with tracts, prayer requests, preaching, picture-taking (a new witnessing method!),and even guitar-playing. Tonight's crew included: Mark, Sharon, Jack, Barbara, Steve M., Dan, Jeremy, Dean C., Richard, and Steven V.

Dr. Jack and his wife Barbara, greeted Pastor Tim, and his wife Tina, who stopped by to encourage the team.

Several Firsts

Take Your Picture?

Ever the evangelist, Sharon came up with a smart way to open doors to the Gospel. By offering to take pictures for couples and groups with their camera, she was able to have a golden opportunity to share the Truth, and grateful listeners to hear it.

Kingston Trio, Minus Two

Our CBC brother Dan brought his guitar and sang one or two gospel songs between the proclamations of the preachers. It was an interesting idea, and Dan has a great folk music style. The jury is still out as far as the response of the crowd. Between the Christmas tree, the other performers and the general seasonal hustle and bustle, the mall area is getting a bit chaotic. Although the music itself was good, the circus-like atmosphere was not conducive to people stopping and listening. Yet numerous Bibles were requested, so we will "play it by ear" next week.

Wednesday A.M. Shift (11/27/13)

Dean C. joined us on the morning shift at NoHo Metro Station. He did a great job, and it is always a good opportunity to reach lots of people, and to build our skills on the box. We keep a low profile, equipment-wise, for quick setup and teardown. Many people listened and some responded as they rushed to work. As always, the Holy Spirit seemed to use our presence to clear the area of cultists (i.e. Jehovah's Witnesses) who were out in force when we arrived.

PLEASE JOIN US! Saturday, Nov. 30, 6:00pm, at Burbank Police Department parking lot, entrance on Palm at Glenoaks.

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