Friday, December 6, 2013

The A.M. Shift 12/4/2013

This morning's team included Dean, Aldo, Tony and Steve. It was a chilly one, for North Hollywood (47°F, which is a balmy day in Chicago!), but the gospel was proclaimed and many tracts went out. Tony delivered another great Gospel proclamation:

It's an interesting dynamic at the Station in the morning. Busloads and trainloads of commuters stream by, hurrying to work. Many display faces of steely determination as they embark on another busy weekday. And yet, it seems, they can't help noticing and thinking about the brief snippet of the message being shared. Usually the stoplights conspire to slow their progress across the street and so they hear a bit more of the message. Even the mere presence of a believer on a box surely jostles their attention. Our prayer is that they will hear enough, whether all at once or cumulatively, for the Holy Spirit to plant a seed.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to travel plans, there will be NO CBC OUTREACH AT NOHO STATION on Wednesday, 12/11, and 12/18.
The A.M. Shift will continue, however, on TUESDAY, DEC. 24, and TUESDAY, DEC. 31.
After that, the A.M. Shift will resume it's usual Wednesday A.M. slot on January 8th, 2014.
As always, please check this website for any further changes or updates.

Merry Christmas from Calvary Bible Church Evangelism Team!

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