Thursday, March 6, 2014

We Will Rejoice 3/5/2014

The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. This was the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.  (Psalm 118:22-24)

 Ministry Updates

Missions Conference  3/1/2014

The CBC Evangelism Team was present in force at the 2014 Missions Conference. Thanks to the legacy of our far flung founder, David, we had a great looking display that attracted a lot of attention from Conference attendees. We were also blessed to meet a young man, named Razmik, who wants to join our team. He and his wife have already been translating the gospel tracts that we use into Armenian. How cool is that!

The Conference was well attended in spite of two days of very heavy rain.

Phantom Video Revealed

Although our video, which was created for us by Carol Dorman, did not get screened that night, we have it linked here:

2.15.14 Burbank Street Evangelism from Carol Dorman on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Carol for the great job she did on very short notice!

Burbank Outreach  2/22/2014

What a blessing! This is only half the number of saints who joined this evening's outreach. Plus, our "long lost" brother, Joshua, brought his two precious daughters and a wagon load of large, softback Bibles for distribution.

Jack & Barbara invited a believer named Eddie to witness with us. Eddie attends New Life Christian Church in Glendale.

Elder Bob joined with us in proclaiming the glorious Gospel. Sai is always faithful to bear the cross.

This photographer had no interest in the Gospel, but was eager to take some photos of a real street preacher. What a curious sight indeed!

Our brother Richard took a turn on the box and was blessed to receive the only heckler of the evening. Richard gave the young man the good person test. When he got to the question about having anger in your heart toward another, he replied, "I'm kind of angry now!" and he ran off to meet up with his friends who stood a ways off, mocking. Evidently he did not get the answer he expected.

The Morning Shift

Recently, our brother Paul was on the box at NoHo. Here is one of his Gospel presentations:

Abortuary Duty

Brother Tony invited attendees from the Shepherd's Conference at Grace Community Church, to join him at the clinic.

The mood amongst these humble men was subdued, and it was evident by their faces, that they were very affected by the experience.

Although the task at hand is rather tedious, i.e. standing around holding a sign and watching the cars go by, the atmosphere can become quickly charged with heightened emotions. This is important, life or death, work.

Several of the men took turns preaching from the sidewalk up to the window of the clinic.


Please join us as we take the glorious Gospel to the streets of our city. He is worthy to be proclaimed, and worthy of all praise and honor.


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