Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cruise Night 7/19/2014

The Lord always blesses the outreach on Cruise Night in Glendale.

Glory to God! Many thousands of tracts, DVD's, and Bibles were distributed by the team. Co-Laborers included: Barbara, Jack, McKinley, Mark, Jeremy, Razmik, Richard, Don, Ruth, Jani, Sharon, Debbie, Dean, Sai, Anne and Steve. 

All of us were blessed by the eagerness with which people clamored for the Giant $100 bills, as well as the many different items displayed at the booth.

Thanks to brother Richard's sharp eye, we obtained some cool hats for all the team members to wear.

The tracts were flying out faster than we could keep up! Roughly 7,500 of the Giant $100 bills alone were handed out one by one.

Special thanks to Razmik and Richard for helping set up, and to Dean, Sai, Sharon, Debbie, Richard, Jeremy, Jack and Barbara for sticking around to help pack up the booth and lug everything back to the van.

The Morning Shift - NoHo 7/16/2014

As usual, the NoHo Metro Station was a beehive of commuters, as well as a spiritual battleground.

The team included Tim and Paul, above, as well as brother Jeremy and Steve. Tim was the new guy and the Lord blessed him with several one-to-one discussions.

News Updates

Recent articles provide developments in the Colorado Bakery persecution case, and fallout from the Hobby Lobby case Supreme Court victory.

Understanding The Times

Brothers and sisters, this episode of Jan Markell's show will galvanize you to the urgency of our mission. Although we have a great time of fellowship, and comparatively light if non-existent affliction in the streets, the storm clouds are quickly forming. Jan Markell interviews Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills.

Pastor Ed forwarded this great article from Creation Evolution Headlines Blog, which shows the lengths to which the anti-creationists will go to deny the evidence.

Join Us!

Another Car Show will take place this Saturday, July 26th, in our own backyard, Downtown Burbank. We'll have plenty more tracts to distribute so please join us at 6:00pm for prayer and then a fun evening of classic cars, and evangelism!


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  1. AWESOME! How faithful is the Lord to raise up so may saints for the harvest? Praise the Lord for you guys!!