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Being Watchful 8/16/2014

But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. (2 Timothy 4:5)

This evening's team of evangelists included Mark, Razmik, Richard, Jeremy, Dean/Sai and...two new guys!

Mark: I met a new family to CBC who moved to Burbank near our church. Vinny (on right) used to attend Grace Community and do evangelism outreach. He is now at CBC and would like to join our evangelism team. I welcomed him and told him to please join us. 

Vinny brought along his friend Sheldon, also from Grace Community, who is involved with their Sunday door-to-door neighborhood outreach. 

Both men dove right in to one-to-one witnessing, never standing alone for more than a minute.

Jeremy: "As far as setup, we arrived to the sounds of our favorite beboxer and his growing crowd.  Dean suggested, and Mark agreed, that we move to and try a new fishing spot - in front of the Burbank mall.

Primarily covering 3 of the 4 corners, with the man on the box directly in front of PF Chang's.

"The area where we set up was fertile ground for tracts.  Lots given out!  You would think that people over there would be the same people as going to the theaters, but they seemed to be more open to getting tracts and not like they've been offered them every week for the last few years :)"

Richard got the opportunity to pray with a lady who had been listening to him on the box. Richard actually stepped down, spoke then prayed with her, then got back on the box.  

Dean got to talk with several young men right near the beginning.  

Razmik, as usual, spoke to several people, one-to-one.
As always it was a blessed time of evangelism and fellowship for everyone on the team.

Abortuary Duty 8/16/2014

Anne reports the following incident from the Saturday morning outreach at the Mission Hills abortuary: 

A couple in a Mercedes Benz drove in, the woman was visibly distraught and crying. They parked near the street. The man and the woman both started screaming and yelling at each other. Don could see them from a certain angle at the driveway. The man was standing at her window. Don said it looked like he might have hit her and he tried to physically pull her out of the car. More screaming and crying. She eventually got out of car and told him she wanted to "keep the baby" and would
do it on her own. He yelled at her that he didn't want any "f****** baby" with her because she was a "whore." She grabbed the phone out of his hand and left the parking lot and went down the street. By this time Don had called the police for a domestic abuse call. The man got into his car and left the parking lot to follow her. By the time he got to the intersection, the police had arrived and pulled him over.

They handcuffed him immediately. Unfortunately, the woman started defending him saying that nothing had happened. They spoke to each of them separately and the couple made up. They did not arrest the man.
The police came and talked to us and told us that that the couple said we had harassed them and that's why she got upset. In truth, we had not said anything to them. The police told us we could protest but not talk to the people. A man who had gone in before and was in a verbal confrontation with Don came out and spoke to the police and told them that we had harassed him. The police reiterated that we could not speak to them. The Police told the man that we had a first amendment right to protest.

Unfortunately, while the police were speaking to us, the couple who had been arguing went in to get the abortion.

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The Morning Shift  8/15/2014

Our brother Paul took it upon himself to go to NoHo Metro Station on this sunny Friday morning to proclaim the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was joined by Richard and Tim. Paul also brought his table with displayed copies of the Bible in Hebrew and Greek. This is always a great answer to the false assertion that the Word of God has been changed through the years.

Apologetics Corner

The linked article, Children Groomed to Fight Jihad is a sobering reminder of the passion with which the enemies of God seek to destroy His people. Do we have the same passion to reach out in love to these enemies? There is a video within the article which is worth seeing.

Join Us!

Please join us as we proclaim the glorious Gospel to a lost and dying world on the streets of Burbank and beyond.


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