Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July Evangelism

The team of evangelists were Sharon, Jorge, Forest, Derick, Dean, Sai and myself. We all met at our home for some BBQ sandwiches and stuff then carpooled up to Shepherd of the Hills. They had a HUGE area in the parking lot of the church with food stands, ice-cream, live bands. etc... We were not permitted to hand out tracts there but were able to walk along the main road and hand out tracts to families that were "camped out" waiting for hours to see fireworks. It was defiantly HOT, but not as unbearable as I thought it would be.

Dean brought his HI-Def video camera and we were blessed to get a couple of good street interviews. Mike & Joanne showed up when we were leaving and were blessed to stay later and hand out lots of tracts as well. The best part for me was the last 15 minutes when Forest and I were walking back to the car; we pasted HORDES of people who didn't get tracts and handed out about 500 of them in no time. Over all it was a good time and we handed out about 3000 tracts total!

Came back to our home and had a time of fellowship with desert... that was a nice 4th!

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