Sunday, July 26, 2009

Noho/HOLLYWOOD - Follow-Up 7-25

I forgot to mention on the video but Sharon and Bee joined us in Hollywood as well.

Sharon asks that you please pray for:
  • Willard (young man on the train)
  • Muslim family, and Daniel (broken over his sin).
  • Please also pray for Shirley (Jewish lady at Burbank Rehab)
  • Al ( the father of my friend who is dying).

David asks that you please pray for:
  • Je'sus a young guy who was convicted because of his immorality. He knew it was wrong. I gave him Comforts CD on True False Conversion.
  • A Muslim Mom and Son...she took a gospel of John.
  • A VERY blasphemous heckler.
  • The "cheerleader girls" who were dressed to have your photo taken with them. They were dressed well... immodest is an understatement.
  • Richard spoke with him in Noho, needs work and salvation.
  • Young teen guy who grew up in the church... doesn't believe.
  • Michelle the "Don't eat meat lady" who Clint and myself both shared the good news.
  • 4 young Germans who live in Canada and go to a Pentecostal church.

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