Thursday, August 13, 2009


2017-06-05: This page has been updated to fix external links.  Please note that David ("Soul Winner") moved a few years ago to Colorado and is actively serving on the streets out there.  While this video is dated, it remains a great resource for all new people who desire to go out and join us!

If you plan on joining us, please watch this short video:

Here is Calvary Bible Church's STATEMENT OF FAITH. You must read and agree with this basic doctrine in order to join CBC Evangelism as we fulfill the great commission.

You may be wondering why we are asking you to "jump through these hoops"? Its because we are in a WAR for the souls of men... this is no game. We are blessed that you want to join us in this great commission but as we are representing Jesus Christ and Calvary Bible Church to our community we are taking precautions to maintain the integrity of the Glorious Gospel and our local body.

WATCH: A great resource for learning to share the Gospel:

READ: A thorough presentation of the Gospel from CBC:

LISTEN: To John MacArthurs:


  1. Smart guidelines. Thanks for sharing, brother.

    "Get to the chopper!" LOL! I gotta watch that part again!

  2. Thank you for posting this!
    Very helpful!