Monday, March 8, 2010

Life Lessons With My Son

I often learn life lessons while doing chores around the house with my son.

Today we were digging up dandelion weeds in the front yard. The job is: I dig them up & my son puts them in the bucket. I've already taught him that sin is like weeds. The longer you ignore it the worse it gets. The only way to deal with it is to take a tool and dig it out! I guess in our own lives the tool would be God's word and by the power of the Spirit, the Lord digs it out of us.

But todays lesson hit me when my son stopped helping me put the weeds in the bucket and just went around pointing out where the dandelions were. What I realized is that many Christians (myself included) do that with SIN in our culture or the world. We go around pointing it out but never do anything to remedy it. We never take the "tool" of the gospel and share it so that people will be saved from the very sin they are perishing from. What I have learned is if you don't share your faith you will just complain. Share Christ! If the person gets saved the Lord will transform the heart of the person and they to in-turn will be a soul winner!

Wether in weeding our soul winning they both require you get your hands dirty.

This is a sermon we listened to yesterday from Pastor Chris Barksdale from The Hollywood Church. This is a man who he and his family have truly forsaken the world in order to win the lost in Hollywood to Christ! Please pray for his ministry, this sermon will hopefully encourage you to "GO" to seek the lost!

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