Tuesday, April 6, 2010


To be honest I thought we weren't going to have a good turn out since it was Easter weekend... I was wrong. We had 16 evangelists come out! We split up into 3 teams and blanketed out over Hollywood Blvd. I had a wonderful time just preaching the gospel. This was when I preached at the Hollywood and Vine station to barely anyone. Crowd size means less and less to me lately I just want to get the message right. Ultimately you are preaching to an audience of One.


  1. Let me say, im encouraged by all the brothers and sisters sharing the gospel - praise God! - please dont follow my example of witnessing to the young lady in the video. By Gods spirit and grace, i hope to handle that better if given another chance.

    In the words of Tony Miano - "DON'T QUIT!:

  2. Mike,
    Every time I open air I walk away learning something I can do better. Don't beat yourself up, I thought you handled her pretty well. Remember the old chinese proberb--throw rock into pack of dog, and the one who barks is one who get hit. Her conscience was probably just alarmed(which is a healthy sign). David, I'm encouraged by your blog and check it about everyday. I appreciate your humility and the spirit in which you serve. God bless your labors in CA!