Friday, April 16, 2010


Lately I've been running into SEVERAL False teachers and have been on the fence about how to handle them. In the past I've tried to "be nice" and spent a lot talking with them....which usually leads to frustration. But for some reason lately (and this is what I'm still working out) I've just been blasting them as false teachers. Please pray for me that I use wisdom and am lead by the Spirit. This Q&A question for John MacArthur really helped me.


We were having a discussion this morning on the occult. And, I wanted to know, if a Jehovah’s Witness came up to you and said that, that their religion was the right way, what would you say?

John MacArthur's Answer:

I’d say, they were wrong. First of all, it would depend on the situation. When the Jehovah’s Witnesses come to my house, and want to teach me their stuff, I won’t let ‘em. I won’t let ‘em do that. But, I confront them as false prophets. I don’t know whether that’s what everybody ought to do. That’s what I do. I just say, "You’re false prophets, propagating damnable lies, representing Satan. And, I won’t hear them. But, on the other hand, if you’d like to hear the truth, I’d be more than happy to tell it to you." It’s a shock sort of thing. You try to do what the Lord would have done, or what Paul would have done. But, you see, these people go along, and if everybody just sort of treats them nice, and, I know there’s a balance. You want to be loving and sensitive to them, but they need to be, sometimes, struck with what’s going on, what the reality is because no one really ever says that to them. And, you have to realize that they’re people just like us. And, they have all the same emotions and the same doubts. Only, their doubts are greater than our doubts because they don’t have the truth. And, the Lord can’t strengthen their faith because they don’t know the Lord. So, it’s all human. It’s a human system. And, they have doubts. And, sometimes, if you can be very strong in confronting them in a loving way, but very strong, you might be able to push them out of it, so I won’t let them propagate to me. But, if they want to hear what I say, I let them do that.

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  1. Agreed! - i need to retrain my thinking, im infected by the world.