Thursday, September 2, 2010

Glendale 8-28-10 Follow-Up

I know this is totally late but last weekend we had two teams out witnessing; one in Glendale the other in Burbank. From what I heard both teams had a SLOW night. Sometimes you go out and its just a privilege to go. You just labor in the harvest, you may not even have a conversation with someone. But you were faithful to go and His word doesn't return void. Steve had a great open air, he is new to this kind of evangelism. He is a humble man who loves the Lord and we have been blessed to have him become a regular with the CBC team.

At one point when Steve, Clint and I were handing out tracts near the Galleria we had two police officers roll up with a complaint from someone that... get ready for this... "we were handing out tracts aggressively." Now if they mean aggressive being "Did you get one of these?" or "Are you sure you don't want one?" "Okay, have a nice night." What has this world come to? With everything as bad as it is make sure you have the police come out for those guys handing out tracts ;)

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