Saturday, December 4, 2010


We just got back from Hollywood Boulevard... PRAISE THE LORD!! We had a great night out at Hollywood. Honestly, I was expecting to be given the boot or worse from the police, but the Lord was faithful to open doors for the good news with NO problems. I'm SO blessed to serve with these bold brothers in the Lord!
We planned to go hand out tracts an talk with people 1-on-1
When we got there is was business as usual. TONS of costume people and street performers.
Even saw an E.T. out there.

At one point I was blessed to open air and the Lord drew several people to listen intently. Had some great hecklers that drew even more people to hear about what Christ has done for them. Lately I've been amazed at how the Lord has drawn people to hear the Gospel with absolutely NO gimmicks. No chalk lines, trivia, heckler mics... nothing but the pure word! GLORY TO GOD!!

Please pray for: Derrick (thought he was Christian but denied, hell, that Jesus died for sins and God isn't angry with people), another Derrick (wanted something "deeper" than the Gospel...:|...believes in other gospels that were "left out " of the bible), Walker (young guy who heckled me... thinks he's just going to "hang out" with God and has no problem with fornication... took him through the law and the gospel) Tim (a young Scientologist who needed the Lord)

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