Friday, December 17, 2010

Scolding from "Christians"... really?

The other night I had a young woman who claimed to be a Christian reprimand me after I open air preached saying that "What I was doing was being more like the Pharisees praying in the market place"... and questioned if what I was doing "repels people from God"? We certainly have to be careful that WE are not offensive but the truth is that the Gospel IS offensive. That night I knew I preached the straight gospel. Sadly almost half of the opposition I have had to the public proclamation of the gospel has been from those who claim to be Christians.

To those who claim to be Christian and are offended at the public heralding of the Gospel you need to ask yourself if you are even in the faith. I challenge you to read the book of Acts and ask yourself: what was the primary method the Lord used to advance His Kingdom?

The blood stained cross has no need for you to try to rescue its dignity. Jesus Christ died an undignified, public death for your sin. He bore your shame and guilt on the cross and when you share the gospel you will bear the shame that goes with identifying with Him.

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