Sunday, January 9, 2011

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 1-8-11

Had an okay time last night.... not great just okay. We did have a great turn out of faithful evangelists! Mark, Sharon, Clint, Jorge, Debbie, Mike S, Steve, Dean, Sai and myself. Sadly the crowd below is not for us but for "Club Burbank". A group of teens came out blasting techno music the whole time we were there and turned the area where we normally preach into a dance floor. Amazingly NO police came out! They've come out for us preaching on an amp before... but not for this.
"Club Burbank"
I ended up standing with Dean's cross and offering out bibles. Had a great conversation with a guy named Dominique who seemed very sincere in his desire to know how to be saved. He has actually been to CBC about 4 times and stopped going. I've had an opportunity to witness to him about 3 times now.
Dean moved up near the street to preach the good news. Dean had a great quote that summed up preaching in Burbank, "If you ever want to learn humility... preach in Burbank." The reason being that the apathy and materialism is so thick you can cut it with a knife! We did what we could given the environment. Jorge had a great witnessing opportunity and wrote:

Prayer request for Jerry a man who sat down and let me share the Gospel with him. He is currently involved in "Scientology" they comforted him when he was at down point in his life, he was very open to the truth, it was noticeable he has heard some of the Gospel before some of it very distorted. I invited him to come to CBC I pray the Holy Spirit guides him to saving grace. Amen!

Apparently Mike S and Jorge talked with a guy last night who was in church TODAY, sat through the whole service and then went to a bible study after! I wonder if it was Jerry?

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