Sunday, February 6, 2011

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 2-6-11

We had two teams out last night. Mike took the "Veterans" out to Hollywood Blvd. and I went out to Burbank with some of the High schoolers. Two Pastors from our church brought their family also, which is such an encouragment.

It blessed my soul to see Brie handing out tracts... on the Great Day of the Lord I believe we'll all be surprised at those who receive the greatest reward.

I have no pictures or audio to prove it... but last night in Burbank I had THE largest crown I've even seen for open air preaching. No seriously, IN BURBANK! And there was no money involved. I simply asked if anyone was an evolutionist or Atheist and God sent a guy named Ross who began to respectfully engage me. Long story short... for about 2 hours I preached "a-la-Whitfield" to a crowd of what felt like 50-100 people with the most heckling I've ever had. It was intense and exhausting! I actually got a COLD from it. God was faithful and gave great grace to me.

Please pray for: Zach, Ross the Atheist, Nathan the ex-Jehovah's witness (still does not know the Lord), Kevin (thought he could do more good than bad to get into heaven), Troy (who had a hard time with Jesus being greater than everything and everyone), Charles (a VERY antagonistic "repeat heckler" who I've shared the gospel with about 4 times now) all those who heckled me...and ME. With that much antagonism and opposition I KNOW I reacted in the flesh at points. Pray for me to be more humble, gentle, kind and patient!

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