Sunday, February 20, 2011

TEAMS 1 & 2

Starting MARCH 12th we're going to split our evangelism team into TWO teams. I think this will be good for all of us to grow, help us to depend more on the Lord and also spread out the Gospel to have more of an impact in advancing His Kingdom.

I'll lead TEAM 1 and Mike will lead TEAM 2.

Here's how it will work: I'll post TWO locations & times where the teams will meet on Saturday nights. (I'll also be sending the ususal "reminder text") This will give you the option as to where the Lord my be leading you that night. Some may prefer to witness at a particular place or some people may just want to stay closer to home. Whatever it may be you will have the option to chose.

There may be nights where its 2 guys in one place and 8 in the other... that is fine. Paul Washer said; "The Church has the authority to send her preachers to every and any nation upon the earth without limitation, jurisdiction or restriction of number." The Lord will direct as many evangelists as He wants at that night to a particular place.

This will also help Mike and myself if we cannot be there every night that there will be at least one team going out on any given Saturday.

Tony the Lawman taught me that it is important for us to REPLICATE ourselves. For this ministry to stay alive I beleive it is best for new leaders, open air preachers and evangelists to grow and multiply! I beleive this is a way we can do that.

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