Sunday, September 25, 2011

Noho Follow-Up 9-24-11

Steve, Dean, Sai, Debbie, Forest, Mark, Sharon and I went to the Noho Subway station to share the Good News with people in our community.

Debbie faithfully hands out tracts to the locals.

Steve started us off. He has continued to grow in his open-air preaching.

Tim (CBC's music director) swung by to check out our street evangelism ministry and the Lord opened the door for him to share the Gospel with someone.

Sharon is probably one of the best at getting conversations with people. There are very few times when I don't see her talking with someone.

MANY bibles went out last night as well. Dean and Mark had to dip into their own supplies to meet the demands.

The heckler mic was pretty empty all night except for this lady Chris who came up a few times to ask question. She seemed to be receptive to the Word.

Mark preaching the Gospel. If anyone has an ability to project his voice its Mark... made for the open-air!

The highlight of the night was actually when we went to get something to eat at Panda Express and to fellowship. While walking there we passed a sports bar and handed out tracts to people watching a UFC fight. A guy who got a Million asked us, "Is this about the Lord?"... "Yes" was my reply... as I was walking into the Panda he responded in anger something to the effect that he didn't want this... "You need to Repent" was my response... "Man (BLEEP) you!"

Next thing I know I turn around in the Panda and He is talking with Sharon!!! I guess he came back to give her the tract and it turned into a conversation where Sharon got to share the Gospel with him! I invited him to eat with us several time and he declined but appreciated the gesture.


"No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day. - John 6:44

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