Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spurgeon quote for the day! 9-15-11

The other night Steve and I spoke with a guy named "Roger" who I've been blessed to share the Gospel with several times. He has opposed the Gospel both in 1-2-1 conversation and has heckled me several times. Our conversations seem to have become more civil over time and and after our last conversation it even ended with a hug and offer of getting together with him for coffee. When Steve and I walked away we both noticed something about Roger... he is willing to believe ANYTHING he reads except the BIBLE!

Maybe you know someone like this as well. The following Spurgeon quote addresses these kinds of people:

"The persons here spoken of were as evil in their hearts as in their lives, for they, “despised the counsel of the Most High.” Perhaps they intellectually rejected the teaching of Holy Scripture and scorned to receive what the Lord revealed. They refused to yield their understandings to Infallible teaching and judged their own thoughts to be better than the thoughts of God. The counsel of the Most High, though marked by the sublimity of Him from whom it came, appeared to them to be less high than their own soaring theories and, therefore, they despised it. To some men, any doctrine is more acceptable than that of Scripture. They gladly hear what doubters say, but they will not hear what God the Lord shall speak. His counsel of instruction, His counsel of command, His counsel of promise—His whole counsel they cast away from them—and they take counsel of their own conceit!" C.H Spurgeon

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