Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 10-1-11

Had a great turnout of evangelists this past Saturday night!

When we first got there it was pretty dead for most of the night.

Many guys preached and we were basically neglected. Not even heckled.

Bibles were going out while we preached. This gentlman here took one then started to asked "sneaky" questions about the Trinity and the Deity of Christ. I asked if he was a JW and shared John 1:1, we talked for a little bit then he gave the bible back and left.

Andrew preached...

Dean preached...

And then Steve preached for his forth time. I asked if anyone who was an Atheist or Evolutionist wanted to come up to the mic to talk with him. This young lady named Milo was willing. She was a little "contentious" and before we knew it...

... there was a big crowd!

Steve debated and shared the Gospel for over an hour!

There were even 3 other people who came up to the mic after Milo. GOD is AWESOME and gave Steve the grace to hang in there!

... at the end I even had an opportunity to ride the small "wake" Steve left.

Something I learned by watching Ray Comfort and Scotty at Living Waters is when a guy draws a crowd after he finishes preaching have another preacher waiting in the wings to immediately get on the box to take advantage of the crowd that was drawn.

Thank you guys for your faithful service and PRAISE the LORD for His grace to draw people to hear His word!

Please pray for: Milo, Jim (who talked with me after I preached needing some counsel), Gilbert who came up to the mic to talk with Steve and all those who took Bibles, Tracts and heard the Gospel.

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