Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Noho Follow-Up 10-8-11

Here is a Follow-up from Steve who faithfully lead the team this weekend at Noho Subway Station:

Great night at Noho! Everybody got heckled, some got heckled twice. By the end of the evening Dave, Dean, Sai, Mark, Forrest, Sharon, (and a new person from Sharon's bible study), and Steve had been giving out tracts and witnessing in 1 to 1's or on the box. Many bibles went out thanks to plenty of outspoken hecklers.

Mark was heckled by two young men before he could even get started preaching. Both were in various states of inebriation and acted out inappropriately, to which Mark faithfully responded with the gospel.

Dave stopped by for a guest appearance, (on loan from his daughter's birthday weekend) eloquently proclaiming the gospel for a full thirty minutes before being heckled by two seperate people, Fernanda, a very skeptical young woman...

...and a loud fellow who spouted profanity and angrily denied the inspiration of the Word of God, claiming it was written by "a man". When he was told that he needed to repent he threatened to attack David, but ran to catch a bus instead.

Later, Mark was on the box again, only to be hit by a verbal barrage from a Hebrew Israelite who gradually worked around to his main issue, "What color was Jesus?" The strategy of these individuals appears to be:
1.) Attack with incessant questions and demands for specific Bible passages to be read.
2.) Deny the new testament message of atonement through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
3.) Deny that salvation is for any but the "Black Hebrew Israelites"
4.) Condemn the depiction of Jesus as having "blonde hair and blue eyes."
(Nowhere, at any time or place, in any way, does the CBC Evangelism ministry display, describe, preach, or even possess an image of our Lord, let alone such an absurdly inaccurate one. Worshiping or venerating such images of God is a violation of the second commandment.)

There is much anger in this cult-like worldview, and we ought to pray for these men to be saved. They adamantly claim many unprovable statements about the ethnic history of the Israelites, and apparently maintain that salvation is by means of keeping the law and having the proper skin pigmentation. The young man's anger seemed to escalate minute by minute, finally resorting to name-calling and endlessly repeated statements denying whatever Mark shared. "No it's not! That's wrong! That's a lie!" As he left he stated "I win, you lose!" and implied that Mark's infirmity was probably the result of God's judgement upon him. Mark endured graciously through this attack which lasted at least 30 or 40 minutes.

Even after this, Dean was preaching clean-up, not wanting for us to leave the scene on a negative note. No sooner had he started, when a long-time heckler, a woman who has contended with us many times, rushed over and started screaming at Dean and blaspheming God. No sooner had she arrived, then she was gone.

Due to all this activity, many paid attention and heard the glorious Gospel! Almost all of the Bibles were eagerly snatched up throughout the evening.

Thanks to all the faithful saints who obediently shared in this evenings effort to proclaim the truth.

“He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God."- John 3:18

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