Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Burbank Aglow 12/1/2012

This evening's team included: Mark, Sharon, Dave, Dean, Sai, Ruth, Jack & Steve. Setting out to Burbank in the rain expecting it to be a slow night we were pleasantly surprised to arrive seeing Downtown Burbank aglow with the Christmas spirit as the city celebrated its annual Tree Lighting Ceremony!

Thousands crowded the outdoor mall enjoying the costumed entertainers and artificial snow.

Ice Sculptor w/ Chain Saw
Brave kid trusts these jugglers
Santa's Accountant presenting an object lesson on the state of the economy
Twinkle and Twinkle
In a festive environment people clamored for the Million Dollar Bill tracts!

Our friend, Roger "The Nemesis", has practically become a member of the team. Indeed, he is a model of faithful attendance and passionate evangelism (of his own brand of idolatry). Would there were more BELIEVERS who were so eager to share the GOSPEL. We continue to pray for his salvation. Clearly though, God has used his antagonism to the Gospel to encourage and challenge us to continually study the Word of God to be equipped to give an answer for our hope.

Indeed, the glorious Gospel was proclaimed!  Not without resistance, of course. This season includes our annual "hasseling" from Burbank Ambassadors who requesed that we turn off our small P.A. David politely declined to do so, citing the long history of such requests by the City, and the equally long history of the Burbank P.D. telling us that it is O.K. for us to continue doing what we are doing.  Predictably, after the Ambassadors left, a Burbank P.D. Officer stopped by. Dave met with him, as the preaching continued. The officer left after confirming that we were doing nothing wrong.

Is there "no room at the inn" for the proclaiming of the Gospel amongst the celebration of the Lord's birth?  For the time being, at least, the answer is still yes.

As always happens, the team experienced the joy and presence of the Holy Spirit in countless moments of God's gracious provision.

It was a divine appointment to pass out over 1,000 tracts and several dozen Bibles.

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