Wednesday, December 19, 2012

L'Chaim (To Life) 12/15/2012

"I am the way, the truth, and the life . . ." Jesus said (John 14:6). And it was a lively time at Burbank Media Center as team members, Mark, Dave, Sharon, Dean, Sai, Nathan, Jack, and Steve, as well as some friends from Grace Community Church shared the Way and the Truth.

The raw shock of the tragic Connecticut shooting incident was still fresh in everyone's mind from the day before. Several observed the sad irony of the even larger tragedy of 2,000 innocent children having perished in the same 24 hour period, due to abortion, and yet going unnoticed by the press.

In addition to the "Are You Ready" Cross, carried by Sai and Dean, Dave introduced the new Prayer Stand ( This will be a great way for team members to minister to those whom the Holy Spirit draws to be blessed with saving faith and spiritual provision. At least 40 or 50 Bibles were requested and provided, as well as countless tracts.

The Burbank chapter of Chabad conducted a menorah lighting ceremony, which presented an interesting contrast to the "fire and brimstone" of the Gospel preaching. Curiously, the Rabbi spoke of the goodness of people, and wished those assembled "lots of luck" in the coming year. As it was in the days when Jesus walked the earth, the Jewish leaders still teach a system of salvation by good works and self-righteousness.

In a gesture of good will to our Jewish friends, Dave decided to pause our proclamation from the box for the duration of the menorah candle-lighting service. As the Rabbi was assembling the giant menorah, one of the glass shields for the flames, fell and shattered. Dean rushed to sweep up the broken glass using the empty cardboard box which had held the New Testaments which we were handing out. Later the Rabbi brought a plate of glazed doughnuts to our team as a gesture of thanks.


After the ceremony, Dave resumed the preaching, drawing several hecklers and a sizable crowd. Heckler Nick, who professed a self-styled "Judeo-Christian" system of belief, contended with David for at least 20 minutes. He claimed that the Bible was a distortion of the truth, which, Nick went on to say, was something that God had revealed to him directly. Nick then attempted to rhetorically paint David into a corner by repeatedly asking the deliberately provocative question: "Doesn't the Bible say that it was the Jews who murdered Christ?" He posed this question loudly and repeatedly, not listening to the answer, in an attempt to incite a hostile reaction from the mostly Jewish crowd who were enjoying the post-ceremony refreshments. David explained that it was the Jews, and the Romans, and by extension all evil men, because we all have sinned against God. It was for our sins that He was placed upon that Cross.

After this a young woman, claiming to be a Christian, challenged David with questions which cast doubt upon the fairness and justice of God for not saving everyone except for those who have heard the Gospel. David's response covered many issues such as the sovereignty of God, the sinfulness of all men, the pride of men who hear the Gospel and yet refuse to believe. As often happens, the heckler did much more proclaiming than listening, as evidenced by the same question asked and then answered numerous times. David concluded by cautioning her to examine her faith and be sure she has indeed repented and placed her trust in the Savior.

Several lively discussions took place. It was a special evening, alive with the presence of the Holy Spirit. If you are feeling the tug of the Spirit urging you to get involved with the proclamation of His word, or prayer, or giving out tracts, please join us.

Merry Christmas from the entire CBC Evangelism team!

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