Monday, June 3, 2013

Farewell CBC Evangelism

 For the three people that read this blog you may be interested to know that my family and I are planning to move back to Colorado! This may be a premature post but I would appreciate all your prayers that the Lord would grant us wisdom while we attempt this huge endeavor as we have not yet sold our home.

In light of this transition the Lord has been faithful to raise up Steve to be the new team leader of CBC Evangelism! 

Steve has humbly served this ministry for over two years now. His first outing was the Glendale Car Show of 2010. He has since been a consistent evangelist, has grown leaps and bounds in open-air preaching and used his gifts and talents to bless others. Many times Steve would "cover for me" in leading the team when I was unable. He truly has the heart of an evangelist and is a dear brother.

When this ministry began about 5 years ago it was a handful of us going out on the streets. Since then the Lord has blessed and preserved this ministry. We have had the support of our Pastors and Elders and even received financial support to supply us with the resources we need to reach the lost. Over the course of time I have seen the work of the Spirit in moving  many men to boldly stand up and preach the good news. He has opened the doors to hundreds of 1-2-1 conversations and given us the strength to distribute thousands of tracts and bibles come rain or shine! Faithful saints like Sharon, Dean and Sai have been with this ministry from its inception and I can't express the great JOY and privilege I have had in ministering with and leading these and many excellent saints. 

Thank you CBC Evangelism!

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD! - Psalm 150:6

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