Sunday, June 16, 2013

Salvation Army 6/15/2013

Several joined us later, but tonight's team burgeoned to include: Mark, Dave, Dean C., Sai, Dr. Jack, Barbara, their niece Lucinda, Steve M., Jeremy, Paul and Steven V.  (Note: The Salvation Army emblem in the shot is purely coincidental!)

We were blessed to have a busy night to proclaim the Gospel.

Father's Day

A family of nine, led by a God-fearing father, stopped to receive free bibles.

A rare example of the faithful leadership of a believing Father to his household. Probably tourists.

This scene presents an interesting contrast to the usual disconnected family groups that pass by. Dave commented that the devil knows he can do the most damage to a family by going after the father. It is heartbreaking to consider the destruction visited on countless lives simply because the father of a child refused to accept the responsibility to be a father. Tragically, the politically correct culture of sinful men has chosen to accommodate such sin. And though God will judge this sin, yet through repentance and faith in Christ there is forgiveness. And through God's redeeming grace, there is restoration and salvation for shattered lives.

Many tracts went out. The perfect way to get started in street witnessing.

Less than a year old in the Lord, Jeremy passes out tracts like a pro.

Paul has blessed the team with his thoughtful preaching.

Regardless of the reception, it is tremendously satisfying to proclaim the truth about our Lord. He is worthy to be proclaimed!

Jack was blessed to receive this evening's heckler.

Immediately a crowd formed.

The first question was: What do you think about Dearborn, Michigan. The second question was about the recent law signed by the Governor of Texas permitting the celebration of Christmas in public schools. Jack did a great job of redirecting the issue away from the hot-button of politics, which we are NOT there to discuss, to the greater issue of the persecution that Jesus said would come when we surrender to His Lordship. This was followed by a presentation of the need for repentance and faith in the Son, for salvation.

In the wake of the discussion on the box, Steve was blessed to pray for a couple who were convicted.

As always, the Holy Spirit blessed the team with many opportunities to proclaim the Truth and share the Gospel through tracts and one to one conversations.

Next week, Saturday, June 22, there will be NO CBC EVANGELISM.

Alternatively, CBC team members are welcome to join Dean C. who Will be leading a team to Hollywood, on the 22nd, meeting at NoHo Station at 5:00pm. Be sure to bring subway fare.

Join us again: Saturday, June 29, 6:00 pm, at BPD parking lot.

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