Friday, April 3, 2009

NOHO Subway Station - 4/3/09

Sharon and I went to try a new "fishing" spot at the NOHO Subway Station... IT WAS AMAZING!! We were able to hand out about 500 tracts, a little open air preaching and some 1-on-1's. Praise the Lord! I talked with a man named Jim (A Catholic) who had received a Million Dollar Bill before, one with a movie star on it. Tony maybe? Anyway that started the conversation and after I took him through the "Good Person Test" he asked me, "How can anyone be made pure?" He actually missed his bus on purpose so I could speak with him longer and afterwards he thanked me. Sharon had a long conversation with a young man also.

I encourage everyone to find places they can regularly go to to hand out tracts and see what the Lord does.

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