Thursday, April 30, 2009

CSUN Evangelism- FOLLOW UP

What a blessing! Tony and I went to the usual spot to preach open air and low and behold they were having a "Students for Israel" hotdog setup (Kosher hotdogs I'm sure, which are the best ones in my opinion... Costco $1.50 Dog and Soda... oh yeah!) ANYWAY... Tony and I decided to use more OT verses while preaching. After I was almost done preaching a young girl came up and asked me a few questions about God's forgiveness and the death of Jesus if He was God how could He die? She ended up taking a Gospel of John. When Tony got up to preach he wasn't 5 minutes into it when guess who showed up? THE BIKE HECKLER!! If you don't know who he is see:

I remembered when I was down in Hollywood preaching someone came up to heckle me and Elder Bob was a human "pick" and diverted the heckler with a 1-on-1 conversation allowing me to keep preaching uninterrupted... so I walked up to The Bike Heckler with my camera in hand. My goal was to distract him as best as I could with conversation so my brother could keep preaching the law and gospel. 

Over all we had a GREAT TIME, The Lord really blessed us with opportunities to share the Good News! Glory to God!!

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