Saturday, May 2, 2009

NOHO Subway Station - 5/1/09

Yesterday, I had to get some work done on our car so while waiting, I got a shuttle ride to the NOHO subway station. There I was able to share the good news with Bel, an artist. I had a perfect object lesson when he didn't read the "employee parking only" sign and got a ticket. That was a perfect object lesson for showing him that even if he doesn't know God's law, God has written a knowledge of it on his heart and will still judge him for what he does know. Then I shared the good news... he took a gospel of John!

I was also able to hand out 100 Million Dollar bills and 100 of Tony's "Sombrero Galaxy" Tracts!

There are opportunities to share the gospel EVERYWHERE, please take advantage of those opportunities while we have the freedom to!!!

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