Tuesday, May 12, 2009


WOW! Umm... a good and bad wow! GOOD-because we had such a good turn out with 11 of us going out to Hollywood this Saturday! We handed out about 1400 tracts!! Amazing. There were almost too many people on Hollywood Blvd. For some reason everyone had difficulty getting 1-on-1 encounters, because the hordes of people were just moving! But several people did get some 1-on-1's.

Dean and myself both open aired which leads me to the BAD... I had yet to be "physically assaulted", (I put that in quotes because it really wasn't assault it was more of a bump.) But as I open aired four 20 something, heavy metal looking folks, 2 girls, 2 guys walked up and well see for yourself...
.. right after this another girl came up and told me she was and angel and that Jesus was not God, Kendle was a "human pick" and talked with her allowing me to keep preaching. Shortly after which a lady came up with her 2 kids and gave me $5 and a guy with a cane listened to me for quite a while then shook my hand. Watching this video didn't discourage me, it makes me want to go out AGAIN!

God is so good in all of this and glory to Him! I was so encourage and feel so blessed to serve with other saints who love the lost and fearlessly go into an environment that may not be the safest!


  1. WOW! What a night! God is so good and merciful!
    I like the picture of all of us with the "famous persecuted bench" right in front! =)