Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NOHO Subway Station - 5/12/09

Went over to the NOHO station pretty much with the objective to open air preach. Tracts are already running low! What a blessing.  Six people wanted Gospel of Johns, got to 1-on-1 with a guy named Bill (who was a Buddhist) he tried to get me to stop preaching by telling the security guard, which they couldn't. After I open aired I got an opportunity to talk 1-on-1 with him, and he ended up taking a Gospel of John also. Once when I open aired an "Emergent Christian" named Drew had issues with the message and the "narrowness" of it. Of course he also had issues with there only being one way to heaven, hell, sin and the authority and reliability of the bible.  He ended up taking a tract and my cell number.

That place is such an evangelism JEM! God is good!!

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