Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yesterday I went out on my own for about 2 hours to NOHO and Hollywood. I didn't know what to expect given the issues in CA with Prop 8 stuff, but the Lord's grace gave me the ability to preach 3 times, hand out some tracts and I even got to witness to a Jewish girl who said she never told a lie, stole anything, perfectly obeyed her parents and never lusted... she could not escape anger in the heart! I started to talk with her about Isaiah 53... and her bus showed up! She did take a tract.

The first two times I preached were so wimpy, no one took a gospel of John or even heckled me... the third time I preached I would like to think the Lord gave me (As Leonard Ravenhill would say) some HOLY GHOST FIRE! Five people came up and took a Gospel of John! And I got heckled twice!

Which leads me to the Spurgeon quote of the day:
"The command to the man who would be a true servant of the Lord Jesus Christ is, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind." If a man is to be a soul-winner, there must be in him intensity of emotion as well as sincerity of heart. You may preach the most solemn warnings, and the most dreadful threatenings, in such an indifferent or careless way that no one will be in the least affected by them; and you may repeat the most affectionate exhortations in such a half-hearted manner that no one will be moved either to love or fear. I believe, brethren, that for soul-winning there is more in this matter of earnestness than in almost anything else. I have seen and heard some who were very poor preachers, who yet brought many souls to the Saviour through the earnestness with which they delivered their message. There was positively nothing in their sermons (until the provision merchant used them to wrap round his butter), yet those feeble sermons brought many to Christ. It was not what the preachers said, so much as how they said it, that carried conviction to the hearts of their hearers. The simplest truth was so driven home by the intensity of the utterance and emotion of the man from whom it came that it told with surprising effect. If any gentleman here would present me with a cannon-ball, say one weighing fifty or a hundred pounds, and let me roll it across the room; and another would entrust me with a rifle-ball, and a rifle out of which I could fire it, I know which would be the more effective of the two. Let no man despise the little bullet, for very often that is the one that kills the sin, and kills the sinner, too. So, brethren, it is not the bigness of the words you utter; it is the force with which you deliver them that decides what is to come of the utterance. I have heard of a ship that was fired at by the cannon in a fort, but no impression was made upon it until the general in command gave the order for the balls to be made red-hot, and then the vessel was sent to the bottom of the sea in three minutes. That is what you must do with your sermons, make them red-hot; never mind if men do say you are too enthusiastic, or even too fanatical, give them red-hot shot, there is nothing else half as good for the purpose you have in view. We do not go out snow-balling on Sundays, we go fire-balling; we ought to hurl grenades into the enemy's ranks."

C.H. Spurgeon - "The Soul Winner"

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