Sunday, May 31, 2009

Burbank Media Center - 5/30/09 - FOLLOW UP

There were a lot of people out at the Media Center last night. CBC had a great turn out with Sharon, Mike and Joanne, Forest, Alvin, and myself. Also Derrick, Dean and Sai came out, they are always a blessing to serve with. Also the Jordan family made a cameo appearance to pray and support us. One highlight for me was a guy who was sitting and got a tract from Sai, then a bible from Mike... he sat a read and read and read that bible. He even listened to us open air preach and thanked us for the bible. Who knows what the Lord was doing in his heart?

You may ask what it the tombstone pic about? I wanted to ask your input on something. What is your impression of our evangelism efforts at the Burbank Media Center location?

Personally; I've been feeling like this particular place compared to say NOHO or Hollywood is drowning in affluence. Do you think we are having an impact there or are we throwing tracts away with little return on witnessing? I don't want to move away from this location until I hear your thoughts about it. 


  1. What return are you looking for? Jeremiah didn't get much either. I think not going every week will help to keep it from getting over saturated, but it would be good to have another spot in Burbank to go. This is our community....

  2. When I talk about "return" I don't mean "decisions for Jesus"... that's for sure. What I'm thinking is more of "Are we getting to engage with people regularly?" Is it a good environment for what we are doing or are people just too "on their way some place."

    When I've gone to other places it just seems to be more "alive" and conducive for 1-on-1 and preaching. This is why I'm asking everyone their input, I'm not sure... it's all still new to me. I just want us to be wise with time, money and energy.

  3. Still mulling this one over, and you've heard my thoughts on it before. I think it's better that we not be there every week, and that we should visit the location, but would like to see another Burbank location found if possible. While I've previously said I wanted to stay in the area of CBC to reach that community, I'm rethinking that as a motivation. Same thing as this "follow-up" phase some of use seem to be going through. A lot has changed in the past year, even the way you guys open-air.

    Okay, chalk that up as rambling. Like I said, still mulling it over.

  4. I would like to hear more on your thoughts about the change in open air and Follow up.

  5. I definitely don't get as many opportunities to have one-on-one conversations with people in Burbank... and to me it seems like it's because they aren't there just to hang out like in Hollywood and Glendale, usually they're going somewhere. Like Sharon, and Clint said, I think it would be good to pray that God would lead us to another location in Burbank if it's His will for us to leave the Media Center or not go there as often.