Saturday, May 30, 2009

An Open Air Experiment

I just read this quote from Spurgeon on Open Air preaching and it really inspired me to try an experiment the next time I preach without amplification:

"It will be very desirable to speak so as to be heard, but there is no use in incessant bawling. The best street preaching is not that which is done at the top of your voice, for it must be impossible to lay the proper emphasis upon telling passages when all along you are shouting with all your might. When there are no hearers near you, and yet people stand upon the other side of the road and listen, would it not be well to cross over and so save a little of the strength which is now wasted?

A quiet, penetrating, conversational style would seem to be the most telling. Men do not bawl and halloa when they are pleading in deepest earnestness; they have generally at such times less wind and a little more rain: less rant and a few more tears. On, on, on with one monotonous shout and you will weary everybody and wear out yourself. Be wise now, therefore, O ye who would succeed in declaring your Master's message among the multitude, and use your voices as common sense would dictate."

I'm going to see if I can draw a crowd not by preaching loudly so as to be heard from 50 ft away but 10 feet away. Check back for a FOLLOW UP...

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