Friday, May 8, 2009

NOHO Subway Station - 5/8/09

AMAZING! That subway station is one of the best fishing spots in our area! Clint and I were there an hour and a half and distributed about 400 tracts!! We were blessed to have some of the Spanish version of "The Good Guy" tracts and about 70 of those were passed out! We were "battling" some JW's as they tried to hand out their literature, surprisingly 3 of them took giant hundred dollar bill tracts... they must have been rookies as JW's are trained NOT to take literature from anyone. 

God graciously gave me the opportunity to open air preach 3 times and the last time 3 people took a Gospel of John!!

PLEASE keep praying for us as we are truly in a war for the souls of men... thank the Lord for His sovereign grace and election, the battle belongs to the LORD!

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