Saturday, May 16, 2009

Burbank Media Center - 5/16/09 - FOLLOW UP

It was a great evening for me because there was such a good turn out from CBC: Sharon, Faith, Dave, Ryan, Clint and myself. Other brothers Derrick and Dean joined us even a cameo from the Barnfathers. Dave got to open air preach for the FIRST time ever! Praise the Lord, He gave Dave courage. Did a great job! We handed out over 1000 tracts and I saw a lot of witnessing. 6 Gospel of Johns and a New Testament were given out.

After I open aired two really sweet ladies (Margarita, Blanca) came up and gave me $13 and told me to keep it up! Think of this: Blanca told me she is too scared to open air preach (no problem, not everyone is called to that ministry) but she gave $3 towards evangelism. That $3 can buy a pack of 100 Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts that we can hand out. She can potentially effect 100 people for Christ by her gift... THAT is investing in eternal friends!

What an encouragment and a blessing. Good work fellow laborers! 

We did have the Burbank Police come by because someone called in a noise complaint. God gave us the grace to communicate peaceably and still hold our ground.

We plan to find 4 spots to rotate on a regular schedule... will keep you posted.



  1. If only I'd had those things on my eyes instead of on top of my head....

  2. That is funny, I was wondering who "For His Glory" was now I know!