Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Northridge College-3/24/09.

Today Tony, his daughter and myself were at CSUN. For the first time we open aired in the Free Speech Zone of the campus... within moments of me preaching rode up "The Bike Heckler." This guy was... well see the video. Imagine that for almost the entire time you preach. I tried to engage him but he only wanted to heckle. I'll admit I had a hard time focusing and trying to decide whether to keep preaching or engage him more. I probably could have done better. Tony got up after me, he got heckled for a while and GRACIOUSLY a student came up and heckled the heckler! Basically telling him to beat it! 

I have to admit it was a little discouraging to me. But you want to know the amazing thing? There was ONE GIRL who stayed and watched and listened and after I preached a second time and asked if anyone wanted a Gospel of John... she raised her hand. I introduced myself, her name was Amy. She said "I'm an Atheist but I know I'm lost." Within moments she opened up about her life breaking totally down in tears. I was so blessed to minister to her and read John 4 to her. She asked about our church services and I was able to give her some contact info.

She also said to Tony and I that there was another preacher there 2 weeks ago that only said hateful things to the students. That they were fools, sons of the devil and going to hell... thats all. Tony asked "We talked about hell also, did she hear a difference?" She said yes, we were like a "mom" warning her children and that we spoke of God's love, forgiveness and kindness. 

What an encouragement to our souls! PLEASE PRAY for this broken girl that the Lord of Glory will save her... and the Bike Heckler!

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