Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Fly By" - Hollywood - 3/20/09

Faith, Sharon & myself decided to go to Hollywood for a "fly by" outing last night. It was a last minute thing and was such a blessing. We handed out about 200 tracts and to say the least it was a night of 1-on-1 witnessing! A lot of interesting people to talk with and share the good news. PRAISE THE LORD! 

I really encourage everyone to find places they can frequent and when you get the "itch" to evangelize... GO! Even if its just handing out tracts for an hour you would be surprised how the Lord presents opportunities.

I'll admit the following witness encounter last night was not a very good gospel presentation. I was kind of all over the place. This is a reminder that the more you witness the more you learn and by God's grace you grow. Also why tracts are so great they are usually clearly presented and when you forget something they can read it later!

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