Tuesday, March 3, 2009

San Fernando Court House-3/3/09

Had a great morning at the courthouse. Tony, Jimmy, me and a Rod(who was from AZ) all got the privilege of preaching. After I preached 3 people wanted a Gospel of John! You know something is going on in their heart if they listen to a "madman" on a box preach at them and then want something from you.

An interesting thing happened while Rod preached. A young guy named Alfred (who was raised Catholic) came up and I was able to share the gospel with him. He had taken a 2 hour bus to the courthouse and was not able to take care of what he needed to. When I was driving away from the courthouse Albert was crossing the street, I offered him a lift (I don't suggest everyone do this) and it gave me a great opportunity to hear about his life. He was a 3 time FELON and was trying to change his life. I thought I was taking him home but he was actually going to the blood-bank... because he donates blood so he can get money for food to eat that day! So I got him a burger and he was all ears for more of the gospel and had several questions. God blessed me with the opportunity to minister to Alfred, share the gospel, pray for him and encouraged him to read his bible. PRAISE THE LORD!! 

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  1. David,

    I was with you, Jimmy and Tony last March (in the black Silver Lake shirt). I am making a street witnessing video and would like permission to use a few pictures from your blog. They are well done. Your blog is a great encouragement and helpful. Praise God.

    Rob-roy Nelson (Arizona)