Monday, March 23, 2009


Just a quick update, remember Alfred the 3 time felon? (see San Fernando Court House-3/3/09)

He just called me and was thankful that he just got a job and then asked me questions about the bible! He was reading straight out of his bible on the bus and was very open to talking about it!! PRAISE THE LORD, please keep praying for his salvation!


  1. Praise the Lord David! The fact that he got a job in this economy is a miracle and maybe he is recognizing God's hand in his life. I will pray for him! What an encouragement it is to get a call from someone you have shared with. Thank you Lord.

  2. Glory to God, last night he called again and is willing to have a bible study with me. I'm going to call him tonight! Please pray that I can teach him in a way that is "down to earth" and understandable.