Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I know this picture probably made you laugh, but there is something I've battled ever since I started evangelism that I wanted to warn everyone about...  THE DARK-SIDE OF EVANGELISM. There is such a temptation to go out and evangelize with the wrong motives and to do it in the flesh. Out of love for everyone who has the desire to evangelize, please pray that the Lord works on your heart to seek the lost for His glory, genuine love for the lost and by the power of His Spirit.

The Lord has been exposing so much pride in me lately. It makes me understand that He doesn't need me and in many cases uses me in-spite of me! I encourage everyone to stay in your bibles and prayer before you go out on the street. I often read the scriptures and a Spurgeon sermon before I go out and it helps me to have more compassion for the lost, to remember what I was saved from and not see them as "numbers" but a people with a soul who, by His grace, He rescues with the gospel!

Another temptation to THE DARK-SIDE is to "pat yourself on the back" because you are obeying the great commission and others may not be. Just remember who is doing the work in you and come along side your church body and encourage them to seek the lost. Not everyone is called to open air preach or go out on the street but we are all called to share the gospel, keep encouraging others to reach out to those in their life.

Now you may ask, "Why is Pastor Tim in this picture?" Well I can't encourage you all enough to get some "Obi-Wans" in your life to hold you accountable and help train you to share the gospel. Also I think one of the remedies for pride is to fellowship with someone humble. Our Pastors and Elders at CBC love us and want the best for us. There have been times when I go out evangelizing and meet lots of opposition, I go right to church and its like a hospital. They have made time to pray for me and encourage me. 

Continue to pray to the Lord of the harvest and keep working!!

Aren't you glad that I managed to get through that whole thing without using the "force" as an analogy.

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